Know About Kitchen Bath and Kitchen Design Bath

eclectic-bathroom“Bath” sits on the banks of the river Avon in the South West of England, housing many a generation wise business, including KBD. They provide a wide range of traditional kitchen and bespoke kitchens. They also gave rise to independent showrooms. Kitchen bath extremely believes in looking after the demands of the customers. Whether it is for creating traditional kitchen or bespoke, they played an important role in amalgamating customer’s idea into their work and thus giving rise to stylish masterpiece décor.

Miele appliances are also produced by the companies producing kitchen design bath. Miele produces great variety domestic appliances for high end consumers. Miele have brought so many things in to the market like dish washers, wine coolers, coffee system laundry equipment and so on they are producing best quality products for about 20 years. They have also received many awards. Enercom Industries have provided great appliances to since 1978. They promise to provide stylish appliances décor. Enercom excels in two types of products one is Premium and the other is Contemporary.

Organize Your Kitchen with Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

During 1770′s, the American Colonies created the shaker kitchen design that was consequential to their social and religious movement. Shakers were known for their uncomplicated, undemanding, and very efficient way of living. They even made their houses based on practicality, sensibleness, and prudence. At present, the idea of simplicity, neatness, and functionality allows shaker style kitchen cabinets to match many modern houses.

Cabinet Materials

Shaker style puts emphasis on the value of craftsmanship. Firm, well-designed cabinetries with dovetail carpentry in the interior surfaces can endure wear and tear and maintain a shaker themed kitchen that looks and functions like new for the years to come. The most common materials for these cabinets are maple and cherry. The cabinet doors, most of the time, showcase recessed panels created from a slab of wood with plain framing surrounding the edges. The drawer fronts as well as the recessed panel doors present sleek and smooth straight lines across the cabinet frame faces.

Storage Spaces

These cabinets are also popular because of their very organized look. The shaker style kitchen cabinets avoid clutter as much as possible, thus they have orderly cabinet spaces with sufficient room almost for everything. You can select from the options for built-in features like spice drawers, plate racks, pull-out drawers, knife drawers, sliding racks for your small appliances, and even lazy Susans made for pans and pots so you can prepare food in a kitchen that is clean, organized, and very functional.

Cabinet Layout

The cabinets made in shaker style are known for their efficiency. They are more serviceable when set in a layout that makes traffic simpler in the kitchen and arranged in a work triangle as delineated by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Enough spaces are set from your sink to your stove, from your stove to your refrigerator, and from your refrigerator back to your sink.


56b9b33fab4b277225183436be9011b6Shaker kitchen cabinets can be painted or have a natural wood finish depending on your style and taste. Often, they are constructed without molding, beading, or other embellishments; but they are frequently painted in cream colors or at times with vibrant deep red or dark blue.


Make certain that the hardware installed in your shaker style kitchen cabinets is useful. Plain cabinet knobs or drawer pulls crafted from matte-finished metal such as turned wood or brushed nickel match the shaker design splendidly. This creates a simple yet elegant appearance that can go with many home styles and decorations.

Putting together a Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team: 4 Easy Tips on Getting Started

Here are my best four tips for getting started on your kitchen and bath remodeling project, and help you avoid a lot of frustration by you having done your homework first. Do these and you have set the general requirements of the kitchen remodel, allowing you to both communicate well to those involved, develop the details, and focus on your end results. This will help you and your team develops a project that starts off well, and finishes as you had hoped.

Who is on your kitchen and bath team? You, your contractor, and your designer generally make up the team. You could also work with a landscape architect if the project goes beyond the kitchen and bath remodel in the existing space and incorporates outdoor spaces as well.

Your remodeling contractor will help you evaluate structural situation and assist you and designer to understand costly and not so costly, ways of changing the space. These changes could include moving rooms, altering existing plumbing, adding or changing windows, doors, and walls, and help nail down any costs for the project. Your contractor will also help keep the project on schedule and with minimal disruption.

Kitchen and bath designer, who generally will also help you with supplying or guiding the cabinetry selection, specifications, and purchase, is likely also to play a role in working within the selection of colors, materials, finishes, fixtures, lighting, and plumbing. A designer will bring the experience of working on many projects, and design training, to help guide you with the many possible options, and keep an eye on the big picture to help pull the whole project together.

Communicate the following easy tips when getting started to your team and you will save from a lot of frustration in the process.

There is a reason you are considering this—write down what you dislike—and what you like—about your current kitchen or bath, and consider what you would do instead if you could do it over.
Start a collection of photos of what appeals to you. Use Pinterest to collect online photos, or a notebook with clippings from magazines, or snap shots with your smart phone when visiting showrooms or show homes. It is true—a photo does communicate better than a 1000 words! These ideas that you like will be an invaluable tool as you work with remodeling team to communicate your wishes.

Set a realistic budget to avoid a financial meltdown. Really think about how much you can afford to spend on this project—and commit to sticking with it. It is true that your home’s value will go up with an updated kitchen, usually making your home worth more than what you will pay for the remodel. Keep in mind to make those numbers work, the results needs to look professionally done—if you aren’t up to the task yourself —work with a remodeling professional and designer to get the best results.
Consider timing of the entire kitchen or bath remodeling project.Talking with various kitchen and bath remodeling professionals will give an excellent sense of how varied the timing can be on a project. The project timeline will be set depending upon who you choose to work with, and what you decide to do.